Not too long ago Cody was sitting outside of Chase bank and was holding another $18,000 quick flip wholesale deal check that they were about to deposit. Although it may sound like bragging, he does it more to show people that it’s possible to close deals like this, each and every month like clockwork.

When he was asked how he’s able to generate such sums in a short space of time from real estate given the stiff competition and the hundreds of other buyers out there, his response was pretty simple…

“…I cracked the code on generating real estate seller leads!”.

See Cody has been mastering the biggest skill out there in real estate which is lead generation. Having a steady stream of motivated sellers contacting you every day wanting you to buy their property.

He did this by…

  1. Understanding how to generate leads using Facebook.
  2. Figured out unique ways to generate search engine optimized organic leads.
  3. Sending letters to vendors directly
  4. Become an expert in almost every marketing strategy out there to generate seller leads.

And one he cracked the lead generation it was simply a case of closing the deal. But herein lies another problem. With so many buyers out there, why would sellers agree to give him the property?

“Well, I really understand how to connect with people, build relationships, negotiate like a pro, and create stellar deals that everybody walks away feeling great about. When you put those two pieces together, you will do deals like this consistently. You’re going to have more leads in your business than you even know what to do with. Even if you feel you can’t be a good real estate investor, you will be able to do a lot of deals and make money.”

And this has been the key to him being able to consistently generate profit and scale up his business.

He’s doing some creative things that nobody else even knows how to do. How? That’s the question everyone kept asking him.

So through his education company Clever Investor he’s been helping thousands of students learn his top strategies for generating seller leads and closing these deals in such a way where you make maximum profit without needing to invest much money at all, sometimes even with no money need upfront.

The Clever Investor offers an awesome 30 Day Deal Challenge which includes pairing you up with a business consultant to help you along the way. This is the advice you should be seeking, not the commentary of someone who watches home improvement shows, but never gets off the couch and makes it happen. Surround yourself with reputable people for reputable results.

In addition to the support that was mentioned above, he is also arming you with tons of resources that will help you along the way. The 30 Day Deal Challenge includes courses, training, and all the tools you need to be successful.

But he is only offering this deal for a limited number of people. So don’t miss out! Consider this the best parachute that money can buy!

Get started today with the 30 Day Challenge. It’s your time to step up, close a deal and GET PAID!


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