Despite the influx of home improvement shows that make it look like it’s simple, the truth is flipping houses isn’t easy. Along with a lot of hard work, it requires a willingness to get out of your own way long enough to be able to succeed.  

Well how does one do that, you ask? There is a lot of advice out there, but reading the tips below is definitely a good start.  

  • Identify your why

Although you are probably thinking what a stupid question, I’m obviously interested in real estate investing because I want to make money. It’s time that you dig a little deeper.

Why sort of lifestyle will the money afford you? What will you do with it? Who will it help? These are the questions that you need to ask. Perhaps you want to take your family on a life-changing trip that would never be possible on your current salary. Or maybe you want to put your children in the best schools, but are barely making ends meet. You may be tired and ready to retire, but don’t know if you’ll be able to pay the bills on what you currently have banked away in savings. 

These are only some of the many possible whys. What’s yours? Write it down and place it firmly in your mind as this will be your motivator. 

  • Stop making excuses

If you’re always looking for a way out, you’ll find it. But in order to be successful in real estate, you need to stop making excuses and truly go for it. Can real estate be risky sometimes? For sure it can. But no one ever made money by playing it safe. Take calculated risks and educate yourself (see point 3 and 5), but after you have done so, take a leap.

  • Don’t listen to the haters

In life there are always going to be people that tell you why you shouldn’t do something or why it’s not a good idea. It’s time to drown those voices out and start listening to one of the most important ones…Yours!

Now that’s not to say you shouldn’t listen to anyone. It’s important to get advice, but make sure it’s from a credible source. The Clever Investor for instance, offers an awesome 30 Day Deal Challenge which includes pairing you up with a business consultant to help you along the way. This is the advice you should be seeking, not the commentary of someone who watches home improvement shows, but never gets off the couch and makes it happen. Surround yourself with reputable people for reputable results.

  • Stop procrastinating

In real estate, procrastination is not the name of the game. You can’t expect good investments to just fall into your lap, but you need to go out and actively seek them. In order to achieve success, you’re going to do the leg work. That’s how you find the deals before they hit the market. That’s how you make money.

  • Build your knowledge bank

Similar to point 3, taking a risk in real estate investing does not mean you should go strictly on your own intuition. Your intuition is essential in order to get you to a place where you know you can do it and you’re willing to get out of your own way long enough to take the leap. But having a parachute is always a good idea. 

Cody Sperber, the Founder and CEO of Clever Investor has a great offer going on right now with his 30 Day Deal Challenge. In addition to the support that was mentioned above, he is also arming you with tons of resources that will help you along the way. This offer includes courses, training and all the tools you need to be successful. A value of $4,387, for only $97.

But he is only offering this deal for a limited time. So don’t miss out! Consider this the best parachute that money can buy!

  • Believe in yourself

Even with all the right tools and training, if you don’t think that you can do it, it’s going to be very hard for you to succeed. Remind yourself of your why (in fact tape up a picture of your why so you can see it every day) and go for it. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Happy investing!


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