Although everyone thinks that becoming a millionaire is all about the money, it is actually anything but. Becoming a millionaire comes down to a mindset. Luckily for you Dean Graziosi has spent years mastering the success habits of millionaires and is now ready to share it with you in Edmonton, Alberta from July 12 to 14 absolutely FREE.

If there’s one thing Dean knows it’s how to create success from the ground up. Not wanting to struggle with the same money troubles his family had growing up, Dean found ways of making his own money very early on. His first entrepreneurial endeavours included selling firewood and fixing cars. He moved on to close his first real estate deal before the age of 20 and has since then become a multi-millionaire, with multiple New York Times bestselling books to his name.

Although Dean is extremely passionate about a lot of things, sharing his success habits with the world ranks high on his list. He believes that nearly anyone can harness this mindset, by determining their why through the seven-level exercise his discloses in his best-selling book Millionaire Success Habits. In fact, when you attend this FREE event in Edmonton, you will also go home with a copy of this best-selling book absolutely FREE!

I want to claim my FREE ticket and copy of Millionaire Success Habits now!

            Although Dean believes that money is a powerful tool, it’s more important to determine what money will allow you to do. He explains that for him, not having to worry about his finances gives him the opportunity to coach his son’s little league, attend every one of his daughter’s dance recitals and be the best dad he can be, all while staying in the best shape of his life. Despite the fact that your ‘whys’ might be different than his, attending this FREE event will help you get better clarity, setting you up on the path for success.  

            Along with the 147,931 people who have requested tickets for this live event this year, Dean has also received accolades from some of the most powerful people in the world. These individuals not only praise him for the practicality and power of his techniques, but also for his kind nature. For example top life and business strategist Tony Robbins said this, “what I love about Dean is that he is a genius at what he does and as corny as it sounds, he truly does care about the people that he helps.” Founder and CEO of Virgin Richard Branson also sings his praises saying that, “Dean is the entrepreneur that truly wants to make the world a better place.” With such powerful testimonials from some of the world’s most powerful people, you’d be crazy not to attend this special event.

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During this live event you will learn:

  • The Top 7 Habits: Many of the world’s highest achievers do these 7 things. These are the habits of the people you strive to be like.
  • Turn ideas into reality: Learn how to make your ideas work for you.
  • Find hidden opportunities: Markets rise and fall, but there is always room to profit! Learn how to uncover these hidden opportunities.
  • And much more

Dean explains, “If you’d like to make a million dollars, overnight with no effort—this isn’t the book or event for you—but if you’d like to learn my proven secrets to thrive in these changing times, then don’t miss this opportunity.” Dean is ready to uncover in you, what you can’t see in yourself. Are you ready to hear it? If you’re ready to take the leap, register for this FREE, live event in Edmonton today and receive a copy of Millionaire Success Secrets completely complimentary.


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